The future
is now!

Desktop Apps

Development via Electron to any device

We develop your existing or planning IDE / software for all common operating systems with just one codebase. This saves you money and creates real efficiency and flexibility in today's fast moving times

Mobile apps

Your idea <=> Your App

Do you have a product or an insane idea? Then let's do it together. We bring your idea to the market as an hybrid app.
Available is nativescript, react native and flutter.

Video+ Sound FX

Effects and animations

We have a special department for Video animation- and effects.
Benefit from our capabilities if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors and get an individual design for your presence.


From Ambient, Hip Hop to Electronic

We have producers of all kind of genres ;) Check out our example page and enjoy.
These are only a handfull, just dm us and we get your job done. Whatever you want, we made it!


Samples, Effects, edit (postproduction) and many more.

From Audio editing, to cutting, to design of new tones. We have a lot of experience! Call it, benifit => and like and love it!

Audio Mastering

Audio/song refinement at the highest level

You have a song or any other finished material, buit something is missing? No prob! We make it PHAT or brilliant. How ever you want it, we are your partner.

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