Your awesome easy note and todo app

Njoy our free note & todo app for ya!;)
Where you can add and manage your important notes fast and efficient.
No cloud or spying! Easy backup possibilities (what others thers do not offer on purpose! Just why? But we do!
what others do not offer on purpose! Just why?
We and smart people know what's going on here.
If your app or its data is accidentally deleted? === DISASTER! Not with us.
You only have to make backups (within 3-5 seconds;) and then you can import them very easily.

We deliberately do without cloud solutions
and you should (if it's possible) continue to do so in the future.
Just try it out and if you like it leave us a like or a donation if you want. Because we don't earn any money with it and don't want to install any sneaky services or advertising. In our opinion, that should be the future compromise between users and manufacturers for "free" software! Because in reality (almost) nothing is free. And as a rule applies (in the industry and not UNs!)
If the app is free, you are the product! And that can take revenge one day...
That's why we as a society have to rethink and leave something to the developers and musicians from time to time. Establish a give and take again.. AND THEN ! Yes only then. Can our world get better again in these areas...

Many greetings and all the best to you all!
Your Mike

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